How to Get a Mail Order Bride: Can You Really Buy a Bride?

How to Get a Mail Order Bride: Can You Really Buy a Bride?

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Foreign wives and girlfriends have always been irresistible to Westerners. The ability to find a partner who exactly matches your expectations and taste in women is priceless, and the ability to spend a lifetime with your ideal woman is perhaps the best thing that can happen to a man. This is why the industry of international brides has been around for several centuries and is still alive and well.

How to get a mail order bride

Best Mail Order Bride Sites 2024: The Ultimate Top 5

Without a doubt, mail order brides sites are the most effective, affordable, and easy way to find a bride abroad. Having personally tried and tested dozens of popular international dating sites, we can finally present our top five:

  • SofiaDate — Best for discovering and interacting with amazing European ladies
  • SakuraDate — Best for online dating with stunning and delicate Asian beauties
  • La Date — Best for establishing romantic connections with Latina women
  • UkraineBride4you — Best for chatting and flirting with real Slavic girls
  • BravoDate — Best for building serious relationships with European women

Who Are Mail Order Brides and Are Mail Order Brides Real?

With so much online discourse surrounding mail order wives, one cannot help but wonder: are mail order brides a real thing? We can assure you that mail order brides are absolutely real, as long as you use proven ways to meet them — for example, by using reputable international dating services.

Modern real mail order brides are regular foreign women who made a life-changing decision to look for a foreign husband and then move abroad to live with their new husband and start a family. These women can be anywhere between 18 and 55. They can be single or divorced. They may have kids or be childless but willing to have kids with their soulmate. What these women have in common is a sincere desire to turn their lives around by marrying a foreign guy.

Why Do Men Want Foreign Wives?

Now that you know the answer to the question Are mail order spouses real?”, let’s move on to another important question — why the idea to mail order a bride is so popular among Western men. These are the top 3 reasons why a mail order wife can be your perfect life companion:

  • Foreign brides have diverse features. Since you can technically buy a bride from any foreign country, it means that you can find a woman with any features you fancy, whether it’s a particular skin tone, body type, hair color, or personality traits.
  • Mail order brides are deeply loyal. One of the things that unites all mail order brides is that they are ready to fully commit to their partners. These women appreciate their men and will never do anything to break the trust in their relationship.
  • A mail order wife is perfect for family life. Most foreign ladies don’t share the feminist ideas of Western women. Foreign brides want to become wives and mothers and take care of their loved ones in every way possible.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal?

The question of legality is an important one to discuss when it comes to online brides: you definitely don’t want to be a step away from your dream marriage only to realize it may not be legal.

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about from the legal point of view with foreign brides: in the eyes of the law, your mail order bride is just a foreign citizen who wants to marry an American guy. All she needs is a special fiancé visa, and then she will have the opportunity to legally become your wife.

Are mail order brides real

Can You Really Buy a Wife?

We want to be perfectly clear here: when we talk about how to buy a wife or wifes for sale, what we mean is a chance to look for a foreign bride online and invest money into making this experience successful for you. So no, you cannot literally buy wife online because that would be both illegal and immoral. The good news is that there is nothing illegal about buying brides gifts and otherwise spending money on wooing the woman you like.

How to Get a Mail Order Bride

Once you decide you need a mail order bride in your life, the next question is where to find one. Right now, you can choose from two options: to do your search offline or online.


Looking for a bride offline usually means temporarily moving to a foreign country and trying to meet as many women there as possible, hoping that one of the connections will develop into something serious. This doesn’t always work out because you may simply not have enough time to build a lasting relationship as a tourist in a foreign country. Moreover, not every woman you meet may want to move abroad to marry you.


Looking for a bride online means signing up for one of the popular dating websites and meeting foreign brides from the comfort of your own home. You can develop the relationship at your own comfortable pace and only meet in real life when you want. The main benefit of this method is that you get to meet women who want to marry foreign men and move abroad, so the probability of a successful match is much higher compared to offline dating.

Top 5 Best Countries to Find a Wife

One of the best things about looking for a bride online is that you don’t have to confine yourself to just one location. With the help of a good dating site, you can instantly connect with women from any corner of the world and enjoy smooth communication since foreign brides typically know English well. Still, there are several countries that are particularly popular among those who want to find a wife abroad. These are the top 5 countries:

5 best countries to find a wife

  • Ukraine. Ukrainian brides are a complete package: they are famously good-looking, kind, fun, have a great sense of humor, and have an excellent rapport with anyone they meet.
  • The Philippines. Filipino brides are popular for a reason: they are beautiful and petite, modest and serious, but also deeply feminine and sexy, although they can take time to open up.
  • Colombia. With a Colombian bride, you will never have to guess how she feels: these women are excellent communicators. They are also protective of their loved ones.
  • Russia. Russian brides are educated, ambitious, and take good care of the people they love. A Russian bride will always push you to new accomplishments and victories.
  • China. Chinese brides are perfect for men who enjoy a duality in women: a confident, resourceful personality behind a soft and feminine exterior.

Facts and Statistics About Mail Order Marriages

Even with the best foreign brides, you never know how your own experience is going to go until you get to live through it. However, learning some facts and numbers about mail order brides and marriages to them can give you an idea of what to expect. Here are some key tidbits to learn:

  • Even though many people are not even aware of the mail order bride phenomenon yet, the history of mail order spouses dates back as far as the 17th century.
  • Marriage to foreigners is extremely popular in the US: every year, thousands of foreign nationals obtain K-1 visas and arrive in the US to marry American citizens.
  • According to the statistics, the top 5 countries by the number of K-1 visa recipients include the Philippines, Vietnam, Ukraine, Colombia, and Mexico.
  • For a country that produces the largest number of mail order brides, the Philippines also has an anti-mail order bride law, which means that if you want to marry a Filipina, you’ll have to do it in the US or in a third country.
  • How many mail-order marriages end in divorce? There is no way to tell for sure because most of those marriages are not registered as mail order unions. However, a good 80% of those marriages pass the one-year mark.

The Cost of Buying a Wife Online

Finally, let’s talk about how much it all costs. By “it all,” we mean finding the perfect girl online, dating her online and offline, and then helping her move to the US to marry you. Here are the approximate expenses you’ll face:

  • Online dating. Here, you’ll need to pay for membership and or/credits on your dating site of choice. This type of expense also includes virtual and real gifts you can send to women. On average, dating online costs $50-$300 per month.
  • Offline dating. When it’s time to meet your bride in real life, you’ll need to take care of things like plane tickets, accommodation, food, entertainment, and transportation. Depending on the destination, a two-week trip can cost you $3,000-$5,000.
  • K-1 visa. The K-1 visa is a mandatory requirement for a foreign national who wants to marry an American citizen. The overall expenses of getting a K-1 visa can amount to $2,500.

Final Thoughts: Are Online Wives Worth It?

If you find foreign ladies irresistible and would love a chance to date or even marry one of them, you should know that there are thousands of foreign women looking for marriage online. As long as you use the right dating services and step up your dating game, you can end up with your dream girl in no time, so this opportunity is definitely worth a try.


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