Are Mail Order Brides Still a Thing? | Keys on International Dating

Are Mail Order Brides Still a Thing? | Keys on International Dating

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International marriage agencies play a prominent role in connecting people from different countries. Today, the term mail order bride has a broader meaning than it did in the past, yet it creates a lot of doubts and prejudice in people’s minds who want to become a bride or find one. If you want to separate fact from fiction and gain a better understanding of modern mail order brides, read the introduction article our experts prepared specially for you.

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Are mail order brides still a thing?

Who Were and Are Mail Order Brides?

The phrase “mail order” hints that the concept of mail order brides evolved in times when communication and transportation were limited. Mail bride services functioned as a means for men from Western countries who moved to colonized lands and wanted to find companionship in women. The brightest example is the Jamestown colony. In 1620, when the male colonists from Europe came to this settlement, the Virginia Company, responsible for the colonization of this region, “recruited” (which was more forced than free-willed) 140 foreign women to come to Jamestown and marry these men. It was made to prevent the men from marrying Native American females.

If we look at the modern era, we see that the mail order bride industry has undergone significant changes. With advancements in technology and the rise of globalization trends, the concept of mail bride has changed, while the process of finding a life partner from another country has become more accessible. Online platforms contributed a lot to this accessibility, providing a safe space for people to search for love beyond their nation, religion, and culture.

While the past of “mail order brides” holds negative connotations, today, this industry is about consent, fairness, and genuine connections.

Why Do People Look For International Brides?

Different people have different reasons to marry an overseas bride, yet the most popular ones look like the following:

  • They simply seek companionship

Some people think that considering dating outside their social environment will be more fruitful than staying in the same dating pool. For example, men may think that their appearance will be more likable to girls of a specific nation. Meanwhile, foreign wives may assume that if their country has more women than men, it means a low chance of partnering with someone.

  • They feel compatible with the outside culture

People who are interested in marrying someone from different cultural backgrounds may turn to international relationships and marriage services to find a life partner who understands and respects their cultural values and traditions. Sometimes, we feel disconnected from our society, feeling nothing in common with the mentality of our homelands, which is normal.

  • They feel persecuted for their romantic choices

Sometimes, it’s hard to find suitable partners in their local dating scene because society doesn’t understand your choice. For example, your society may judge a wide age gap marriage you seek, or the government may ban nontraditional marriages. Such people may see international marriages agencies as a way to broaden their options.

  • People have specific geographic preferences

Some individuals can have a strong desire to live in a specific country or region and thus consider marrying brides from this area. Job opportunities, lifestyle, climate, or other factors can influence their decision and make them address international dating sites.

  • They want to learn about another culture

People decide to marry outside their culture not only because of feeling lonely but also wishing to learn something new. And marrying someone from another country can provide them with a deeper understanding of that culture.

Why are mail order brides still a thing?

Do Mail Order Brides Really Exist, and How Do They Operate?

The answer to the first question is yes. There are a plethora of mail order bride agencies and platforms that help find potential marriage partners from abroad. The process looks like this: you register at the dating site, create a decent profile, use filters to find dating candidates, text with the most favorite girls, and then define who you really like. After a specific time, you and your girl meet each other in real life, and then, you can start planning marriage. If it’s an international marriage agency, they can help you during the girl selection process and even accompany you on your visa path, as it requires certain efforts and knowledge.

Are mail order brides still a thing? Surely. You already saw the reasons people decide to address mail order wives dating. However, we should mention that today “mail order bride” dating can be replaced as an “international dating” phrase. It’s simply because the term is connected to negative connotations from the past.

Are International Marriage Agencies Regulated by the Law?

International marriage agency should follow certain regulations to be considered legal, as they help facilitate relationships between individuals from different countries ONLINE, which can create certain dangers if they don’t obey the law.

The legalities surrounding international marriages agencies vary from country to country. In the USA, for instance, to ensure the well-being and protection of individuals involved in mail order marriages, such acts as IMBRA (International Marriage Brokerage Regulation Act) and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) exist.

The IMBRA regulation focuses on issues such as background checks for visa sponsors, age restrictions, and overall rights of foreign brides coming to the states to prevent abuse and violence in potential marriages.

VAWA is similar to IMBRA in terms of addressing violence and abuse in the partnership and providing help to the victims. However, it is designed specifically for women, not only foreign ones, while IMBRA protects foreign spouses of any sex.

Both clients and marriage agency operators must understand and comply with these regulations. By doing so, they can ensure that the process is conducted ethically and legally while providing a framework of protection for all parties involved.

In addition, when you decide to bring a foreign bride to your homeland, you and your future wife should go through the K-1 (fiancee) visa process. It will take a lot of time, financial expenses, and nerves to go through the interviews and bureaucratic stuff. But it helps the government define your mail order marriage as real.

Real mail order bride

What Challenges Mail Order Brides and Their Partners Face?

Unfortunately, individuals who meet through international marriages agencies or online platforms, face certain complexities and nuances when following this dating path. We think that if you want to try mail bride dating, you should be aware of them:

  • Cultural adjustment. The process of adapting to each other’s cultural backgrounds is one of the most significant challenges a mail order bride and her partner can face. These challenges include different approaches to organizing a household or expectations from partners in terms of doing chores or providing for the family. Also, different traditions and customs can be a problem as you may not accept certain customs important to your partner.
  • Legal and immigration issues. Obtaining visas and meeting immigration requirements can be time-consuming and stressful, which not all people are ready to face and handle. This is why, before trying mail order bride dating, you should learn how much effort it will take. Usually, to overcome it, you should invest in legal experts who will accompany you during the visa-obtaining process.
  • Language barriers. Communication is a fundamental aspect of any relationship, and language barriers often become an obstacle for couples who do not share a common language. Overcoming it will require patience, understanding, and a commitment to language learning because, for a genuine and serious relationship, you have to know how to express your needs properly. Without language skills, it will be difficult.
  • Family life and social acceptance. Most mail order brides and their partners may face judgment from their family and friends, especially when one partner comes from a different religion. The negative opinion of your circle can also affect your serious relationships, unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

The true mail order bride meaning lies in a happy international relationship, which nowadays is much simpler to organize.

Hopefully, you can answer the question, “What is a mail order bride?”, have a better understanding of this concept and aspects connected to it, and will successfully use this knowledge when you decide to finding mail order brides or become one yourself.


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