American Women Vs. Foreign Women in the Eyes of Men

American Women Vs. Foreign Women in the Eyes of Men

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American Women Vs. Foreign Women

Thinking about who to marry is a big deal, right? Nowadays, loads of American guys are eyeing women from other countries instead of local ladies. Why’s that? Here’s the scoop:

  • First off, some dudes are on the lookout for certain looks, life perspectives, experiences, and values that they feel they can only get with a lady from abroad.
  • Also, finding an awesome local woman feels like a tough competition these days, while there seem to be plenty of foreign women ready for marriage.
  • Plus, some guys get super nervous around local gals but find that women from overseas are often more chatty and interested in them.

You often hear American men who’ve married foreign women saying, “Foreign ladies are just better.” But is that really fair or true? Do foreign women deserve more attention than those from your own backyard? We’re diving into this debate: American women versus foreign girls. Let’s see what makes them different!

How American and Foreign Singles See Life Differently


American young women don’t think relationships are a very big deal. They start dating as teenagers and have lots of experience before getting married. They’re okay with making the first move, but they’re picky about who they date and will tell you if they’re not interested.

Foreign women, on the other hand, don’t date just for fun or to avoid being alone. They might have only one serious relationship before marriage or no dating experience at all. But they’re naturally romantic and know how to keep their partners happy.

Sex Before Marriage

In the US, over 90% of women have sex before marriage. Most of them don’t think it’s a big deal and see it as part of a relationship, not something that requires marriage. Some American women wait for marriage due to religion or personal choice.

In other countries, views on premarital sex vary. In some places, not having sexual experience is seen as pure, often because of religious beliefs. But this isn’t the case everywhere. In many cultures, premarital sex isn’t frowned upon.

Family and Children

In the US, women are having fewer children, with the average mother being 28 years old and having about 1.7 kids. Only a small percentage choose not to have children. Most American women don’t rush to have kids even after marriage.

In other parts of the world, like Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, there are fewer women who don’t want children. For example, in Argentina and the Philippines, the birth rates are much higher. If a foreign woman doesn’t have children by her twenties or early thirties, it’s often because she hasn’t found the right partner yet. They usually see a family as complete only with at least one child.

Family Roles

Fifty years ago, in the US, men worked and women took care of the home and kids. Now, with feminism, things are different. Many women work and expect to share household chores with their partners, even if they don’t work full-time.

In countries where most foreign brides come from, feminism hasn’t changed things much yet. About half of the women work, often less than men, and they usually do most of the housework. When marrying a foreign woman, you can expect her to take on more of the child-raising and housework.

Why are American Guys So into Foreign Single Ladies?

  • Take beautiful Asian women, for example. They’re known for being super devoted to their spouses and value being submissive.
  • European ladies, compared to American women, are seen as really feminine and they hold their cultural values dear. Think of French women — they’re famous for being classy and smart.
  • Slavic women, like Russians and Ukrainians, are often praised for their stunning looks, spiritual depth, and inner beauty.

Now, American women are pretty unique themselves and can be amazing partners and spouses too. The big difference? American ladies don’t always put family first. They love being loved, but having a career is also super important to them.

A lot of American men seem to prefer foreign women for marriage. These guys often feel that foreign ladies will meet all their needs, especially those looking for a fulfilling family life. It’s a bit of a paradox — these foreign beauties are seeking husbands abroad for the same reason: a good, happy family life.

People often say the ideal woman combines strength, loyalty, wisdom, kindness, love, and respect for her husband. American brides are diverse — they come in all forms, sizes, ages, with different personalities and backgrounds.

American men, being diverse themselves, often find themselves attracted to foreign ladies. This has led to more and more American guys dating or marrying stunning foreign brides. Times have changed a lot, particularly in the US and Western countries. Finding a wife in America is a unique and exciting journey. American women stand out with their different beliefs and behaviors.

Many Western single men are now meeting unmarried foreign brides through top dating agencies. They’re also learning about the traditional American mail-order bride, who can be a great partner in a happy marriage.

American Wives vs Foreign Wives

Let’s talk about American wives versus foreign wives and what makes them similar and different. You’d be surprised how much women around the world have in common, and that includes American and foreign wives too.

Similar Traits

  • Family Goals. Most women, whether in the US or abroad, dream of marrying a great guy, having kids, a nice house, and maybe a dog. Even those American women who don’t seem too keen on starting a family actually do long for a fulfilling life surrounded by loved ones to share their ups and downs with.
  • Loving Partners and Moms. American ladies, just like their counterparts overseas, are skilled lovers and eager to become mothers. They’re all about learning the ropes of making their men happy and raising kids to be wonderful people.
  • Loyalty and Honesty. Women globally, including Americans, crave a fairytale romance with a happy ending, so they usually steer clear of cheating and lying. American women, proud and confident, are particularly unforgiving of infidelity and dishonesty, much like their foreign peers.


  • American Women are Independent. American wives have a relaxed approach to life, making their own rules and living life on their terms. They don’t bother much about societal norms or opinions.
  • Stubbornness. Convincing an American woman about something she doesn’t believe in can be tough. They’re known for being strong-minded, which makes them great in debates but also a bit challenging in disagreements.
  • Less Focus on Femininity. American wives tend to be less feminine compared to many foreign women. They often go for a more natural look, choosing comfort over heavy makeup or fancy clothes, which doesn’t make them any less attractive.
  • Lifestyle Pace and Goals. American wives balance family life with personal and professional development. They believe in having it all — a happy family, career success, and self-growth. Their lives are fast-paced, juggling work, family, and personal activities, but they seem to thrive in this environment.

So, American wives are quite complex and straightforward, with an open-minded attitude. Choosing between an American and a foreign bride is all about personal preference and trying out what works for you. And if love hasn’t knocked on your door at home, maybe it’s time to look abroad. Who knows where your perfect match might be waiting?

How to Meet a Foreign Women

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    Tips on How to Attract a Foreign Woman

    Good news: women from other countries often dig to meet American guys. Here’s some advice to help you have a great chat with a foreign gal:

    • Just be you. No need to pretend to be something you’re not to impress her.
    • Show some understanding and keep an open mind. Honesty and bravery are big pluses.
    • Get interested in her world. The more you ask about her life, the more she’ll enjoy talking to you.
    • Keep it light and fun. Don’t get too serious right off the bat — that might push her away.


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