Finding Love with Taiwan’s Mail Order Brides: What You Need to Know

Finding Love with Taiwan’s Mail Order Brides: What You Need to Know

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In today’s world, where online dating has opened up endless possibilities, you’re no longer confined to finding love in your hometown or even your own country. This is especially exciting for those Westerners who’ve found life-altering love through mail order brides online. And right now, we’re diving into the world of Taiwan mail order brides, helping you understand how you can meet these amazing women.

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  • Orchidromance — Pursue a romantic connection with a Korean partner on Orchidromance, an ideal venue for single men to discover their life partners among a welcoming group of Asian women.
  • TheLuckyDate — Uncover affection and companionship among Korean women on TheLuckyDate, a vibrant Asian dating site perfectly suited for those looking to forge connections in Asia.
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    Why Consider Taiwan Brides for Marriage?

    You might wonder why you should look as far as Taiwan for a life partner. Let us tell you, opting for a Taiwanese bride can be one of your best decisions, and here’s why:

    • Loyalty is their middle name: Taiwanese brides take marriage super seriously. They won’t tie the knot unless they’re head-over-heels, and they see their husband as their universe. Expect unwavering loyalty.
    • They’re the ultimate caregivers: With a Taiwanese wife, you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine. These women are all about nurturing their partners without keeping score. You’ll feel loved and cared for like never before.
    • Born for family life: Taiwanese women often dream of settling down early. They’re eager to start families and excel as moms, showering their kids with love and care. If you’re dreaming of a cozy family life, a Taiwanese wife is a perfect match.

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    Why Taiwanese Women Choose to Be Mail Order Brides

    Ever wondered why Taiwanese women opt to become mail order brides? It’s not the same story as with other Asian brides. While a Cambodian bride might be seeking stability and new experiences, or a Japanese bride might be tired of dating workaholic men, Taiwanese women have their unique reasons.

    For many Taiwanese women, the challenge lies in local men’s high expectations and the pressure to marry young. These women, on the other hand, prioritize getting an education and building a career first. Plus, they have their own set of high, yet reasonable, standards for a husband — standards that many local guys just don’t seem to meet.

    Are Western Men into Taiwanese Wives

    Pros and Cons of Marrying a Taiwanese Woman

    Thinking about a Taiwanese bride? Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:


    • She’ll always make you feel loved, no matter how long you’re together.
    • She prefers to support your decisions rather than pushing her own agenda.
    • Trust issues? Not a problem here. She’s as loyal as they come.
    • Get ready for some amazing home-cooked meals, just like those from a Filipina bride.
    • She’s financially savvy and isn’t into flashy, expensive gifts.


    • She might be a bit possessive — so having a lot of female friends might be tricky.
    • Similar to Chinese brides, she might not always open up about her feelings.

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    Finding Your Taiwanese Love: Where and How?

    Curious about where and how to find a Taiwanese wife? Let’s break it down for you.

    Offline Option

    Sure, Taiwan is an awesome place to visit, and you might bump into the woman of your dreams there. But let’s be real — it’s pretty costly and time-consuming, and not every Taiwanese lady you meet is ready to pack up and move abroad. Plus, it means putting your life on hold back home, which isn’t feasible for everyone.

    Online Option

    Thanks to the wonders of the 21st century, finding a Taiwanese bride has gotten a whole lot easier. No need to pack your bags and move! Online dating sites are your go-to. These platforms are full of Taiwanese women who’ve decided they want to marry a foreigner and are ready to move abroad. It’s all about romance and finding the right match, minus the hassle of convincing someone to consider an international relationship.

    How to Win a Taiwanese Bride’s Heart

    Okay, so you’ve found a Taiwanese woman you like. What’s next? Here’s the lowdown on making a great impression:

    How to Win a Taiwanese Bride’s Heart

    • Show her you’re all about family. Taiwanese women looking for marriage want to know you’re on the same page about family values.
    • If you say you’ll do something, do it. Whether it’s showing up for a chat online at a set time or following through on a promise, reliability is key.
    • Unlike Korean women who often prefer everything planned, Taiwanese women can enjoy some spontaneous fun. Just make sure it’s romantic!
    • Let her into your circle. Introducing her to your friends and family signals that you’re serious about her.
    • Discuss your dreams together — the family you’ll have, the home you’ll live in, the trips you’ll take. It shows you’re serious about a future together.

    The Legality of Marrying a Taiwanese Mail Order Bride

    Wondering if it’s legal to marry a Taiwanese woman you met online? Good news: it’s totally legal. Let’s clear up a common misconception first — Taiwanese mail order brides aren’t some kind of product you order and get delivered to your doorstep. They’re just women who chose to look for a husband abroad and signed up for a dating service to make that happen. So, when it comes to marrying, they’re treated like any foreigner moving to the US for marriage, which means they need a K-1 visa. It’s all above board.

    The Costs Involved in Marrying a Taiwanese Woman

    Now, let’s talk money. It’s not about buying a bride; it’s about the expenses involved in the process. Here’s a rough breakdown:

    The Costs Involved in Marrying a Taiwanese Woman

    • Online Dating: Expect to spend around $100 a month on specialized dating sites.
    • Trip to Taiwan: If you decide to visit your bride, a flight might cost about $1,500 one-way, and then there’s the cost of staying there — about $70 to $200 per night for accommodation, $20 to $100 a day for food, around $50 a day for getting around, up to $150 per day for fun stuff to do together, and don’t forget gifts, which can start at $200.
    • K-1 Visa: This visa is necessary for your bride to enter the US legally for marriage, and it’ll set you back around $2,000.
    • Wedding Costs: The big day can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on how lavish you want it to be.


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